Bounty Program
It’s super easy. Refer and earn fixed commissions when your website visitors hyperlink from one of thousands of our products listed on your referring OR when a user signs-up for valuable services, programs, or makes a purchase. Earn anywhere from 1-10% on anything purchased using your Bounty Affiliate Links. Learn More. Click here to JOIN NOW.


Referral Program
It’s super easy. Install one of the many Referral Banners with your affiliate link and earn fixed commissions when your visitors hyperlink from your referring website to ours. Learn More. Click here to JOIN NOW.


The xHola program is designed to build a phone app user network through affiliates rather than advertising. We believe in grassroots growth and prefer to build organically with a strong affiliate family rather than through media empires. We believe in you! Learn More: xHola Opportunity or JOIN NOW


Like all positions, particularly self-determined business opportunities, sales is the primary function. An xiPly Affiliate will engage, encourage and enlist digital-currency-inclined interested people looking for business opportunities as both vendor companies, and/or as Bounty Affiliates. Commissions are earned (3) Three ways. Learn More: xiPly Opportunity or JOIN NOW