To help drive innovation in the blockchain industry, xChange Marketplace is committed to supporting both new and established blockchains. xChange seeks to provide its users with an ever-growing selection of blockchain technologies and digital tokens.


There are two main reviews that xChange completes before a token may be listed on the Marketplace xChange:

1) Preliminary Review: This is an initial review to determine whether a token that seeks to be listed on xChange should proceed through the full listing process.

2) An xChange employee will notify you if your token has been selected to undergo the Full Listing Review.

3) Full Listing Review: This is a more in-depth review of the token. xChange requests certain documentation through this process, including an executed Non-Disclosure Agreement and Listing Agreement.

4) A committee will determine if the token meets xChange’s robust criteria, and whether it will be listed on the xchange. As part of this review, xChange may consult with outside advisors.

5) To start the preliminary review, please submit the required information through xChange Support using the following link: LINK

6) In addition to the compliance review, xChange reviews several items when determining whether to list a token, including but not limited to whether it is an innovative and/or new Blockchain or has an innovative use case or application. As part of its review, xChange takes into consideration a number of factors including but not limited to:


A) New blockchain features

B) Significant improvement over existing blockchain

C) Interesting, innovative, or unique application

D) Usefulness

E) Technological experience and reputation of token applicant and team

F) Market interest


xChange may charge a fee for listing a token. We believe in promoting the blockchain industry, and we have spent, and will continue to invest significant resources to review tokens for listing on our xChange. Please do not believe any consultant, advisor or individual that tells you that they can get your token listed on the xChange for a fee. The decision to list a token is made by and after a rigorous review.