A) Be sure you see the Greenlabel xGroup (US) if not the site does not belong to xBit blockchain wallet. Click on this link to execute account wallet setup. LINK

B) Click on Registration to begin the quick wallet registration. You will need the following. FIRST NAME/ LAST NAME/ MOBILE NUMBER/ EMAIL/ PASSWORD to complete the registration. The mobile number is used for sms verification and can be used to send you mobile alerts. It is not used for any other purposes.


A) Enter in the details that pertain to your wallet registration and for any reason could be verified if you have any issues.

B) Read the Privacy Policy and confirm that you agree.

C) Click on the Orange Registration Button and move to the next page to verify your account.


A) You will be sent a SMS to your mobile phone. This six (6) digit number needs to be verified before the account can be created. If for some reason you did not get a SMS try to change the phone number.

B) Now that you have entered in the six (6) digit activation code you can press the orange verify button. You now have an account on the xBit blockchain.


You should now be in your account and now its time to get the wallet installed.

A) Click on the Profile tab on the left-hand side menu column.

B) Click the Orange button that says “Create xBit Wallet”


In the background you wallet has been created and now you will follow several steps to setup your Backup Recovery Phrase.

A) Be sure to write down/ screenshot the recovery phrase, you are the only one with this information. If you lose your data devices, you will need this to restore your wallet features. Customer Service does not have access to this and not having it stored in a safe place can cause you to loose your wallet balance.


Her you have a very important message you need to be aware of.

A) The blockchain allows you to store your encrypted pass phrase within the blockchain and only you have access to it through your account username and password. Select either option. If you plan to make purchase in the marketplace, you will need the passphrase stored within the database or you have the option to enter in the pass phrase upon check out.


Press Create and you will return to the dashboard profile tab. You will now see that a wallet has been created.  You can now download Andriod or iOS application if you need your wallet available outside of website use. Note the phone app is just a location to send and receive xBit. To make more in depth transactions, you will use the website as it has more user options.


A) On the left side menu, click on buy xBit tab. This has five (5) purchasing options. Specifically Bitcoin / Ethereum / Altcoin.

Bitcoin: Uses the bitcoin blockchain for conversion

Etherum: Uses MetaMask extension to access the Ethereum Blockchain for conversion.

Altcoin: Uses ShapeShift and Metamask to convert your altcoin into Bitcoin which finalizes into an xBit conversion.


Open the bitcoin tab and you have two (2) options. 1) Scan the unique bitcoin address or copy and paste the unique address into your bitcoin wallet. Upon receiving Bitcoin, the conversion to this unique address will convert to xBit and register the transaction into the ledger and credit your wallet with xBit.


A) Click on the Ethereum Tab .

B) Log into your meta mask account. Your account will hook and your ethereum Balance will appear above the orange buy button.

C) Use this Ethereum balance to make the conversion from Etherum to xBit. Once you have the correct amounts press Buy and MetaMask will open up again to finalize the transfer. Submit and the transaction will be recorded in the ledger. Pending transfer time, once approved the xBit will be credited to your wallet.


A) Click on the Altcoin Tab. Enter the amount of xBit you care to convert. It will give you a Bitcoin amount that’s needed to make the conversion. Press the orange “Pay with Shape Shift” button. A popup will show Shifty which will allow you to select the Atlcoin you want to use to finalize the conversion. Select the Altcoin and and the math will automatically tell you how many that need converting. It will give you a wallet number to transfer with a limited amount of time. Using metamask allows for the fastest transaction. Once you have the correct amounts press Submit Open MetaMask or other wallet to finalize the transfer. Submit and the transaction will be recorded in the ledger. Pending transfer time, once approved the xBit will be credited to your wallet.